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Who uses this service most?
 People looking to sell items online, but don’t want to do all the work!
 Etsy crafters who want better photos of their products
 Craigslist people who deal in high volume or in big ticket items (machines, small parts)
 People who need professional photography of an item on site (Furniture, Cars, Boats, Trucks)
 Real Estate agents who don’t have time to take professional photos of a listing
 Law Firms out of the area that need local photography of a site

What does it cost to visit me?
 There is a $20 stop fee that includes up to 20 miles round-trip
 We charge $1/per mile beyond that
 Tunkhannock is 15 miles, Clarks Summit 20 Miles, Scranton 25 Miles, Wilkes-Barre 40 Miles
 We charge $80/hour for most services if they require us to be on site for more than 10 minutes
 We offer our hourly rates in 1/4 hours as well! $20, 40, 60, 80!

Can I drop off items and waive the stop fee?
 Yes, we live in the Lake Winola area.

Any discounts?
For seniors 10% off !
We also offer volume discounts and repeat customer discounts as well.

Say I have a few items I want to sell on e-bay, but don’t want to bother doing it?
 We can help quote you what your items are currently selling for on e-bay.  If you agree to sell them, we’ll pick up the items for listing on e-bay. We only charge you for the time it takes to list each item, typically 15 minutes each depending on the size and value. Our hourly rate is $80, so an average listing costs no more than $20, plus stop fee, e-bay listing fee & paypal (money transfer) transaction fees. We’ll remove the listing fee cost from your final sales invoice and mail you a check for the difference.

What items would you sell online for me?
 If we can pick it up with two hands and place it in a box, we will sell it!

I already sell online (ebay, etsy, craigslist, amazon) how can you help me?
 We can help you just as much as you want, only pay for what you need! Say you want photography for your etsy listing, we’ll come to you, take photos of your items and hand them over to you. If you already sell on ebay, we’ll come take photos, then go back, research the market and write an add for you as well. All you have to do is cut and past the text, upload the photos and your done. We’ll only charge you for the time you use!

Why should I use your service?
 Professional Photography Helps Any Item Sell for AT LEAST twice as much.
 We are local, family owned & operated.
 We come to you!
 No storefront, so we have low overhead.

Are there additional fees for ebay if you sell it for me?
 Yes.  You pay eBay fees (5% to 15%) and payment processing fees (No more than 3%).

Do I pay for eBay shipping as well?
Usually. For larger, low value items the buyer of the item pays shipping costs.  For high value items that we think would benefit from free shipping, we will offer it at our discretion.  When we offer free shipping the cost is deducted from the sale price prior to any other fees.  Items with free shipping get more visibility in eBay search and we will always offer it for small items or valuable items.  International buyers continue to pay their own shipping costs.

What if my item doesn’t sell?
 We can arrange pickup
 We can setup a craigslist ad to sell your item to at least cover your e-bay listing costs.
 We can donate your item to charity